Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

What Affiliate Marketing is and how it Works

Affiliate marketing is a home based job that earns residual income without a whole lot of effort involved. Most people that get emails, messages, or postal mail informing them about affiliate marketing will typically just trash the information assuming it is some kind of scam. However, affiliate marketing is a real job that can be worked from the comfort of your own home.

The reason some people doubt the legitimacy of affiliate marketing is because it sounds like a scam. When the concept is broken down to the basics, the legitimacy of this kind of work becomes crystal clear. An affiliate is someone who works with a company to sell, market, or advertise a service or product. Basically, an affiliate marketeer is someone who markets a product that belongs to a company who pays them a commission each sale.

How do you become an affiliate for a company or business to begin with? First, you have to either have a product or know how to get involved with a company that pays you to advertise their products. The product needs to be validated. A product or service is only validated if it has real selling potential. There are online tools like that allow you to plug in some keywords that will tell you if your idea or product can be validated.

Affiliate marketing websites that allow you to place ads on your website to boost their sales usually require that your website, blog, and/or social media pages have a specific amount of traffic. This makes sense since you have to have a decent amount of traffic (viewers, followers, and/ or patrons)on your pages to have a better chance of making any kind of sale for a larger company.

Affiliate Marketing Reviews

1. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is one of the most popular and trusted affiliate programs available. There is a vast amount of products that can be monetized on your website.

To start working as an Amazon affiliate and get income, you need to have a website, create an account and generate traffic.

Registering for the Amazon Associates program is a simple process. To begin, visit and click “Join Now for Free.”

how to become an Aamazon Afilliate

Once approved, you will have a personalized affiliate ID, which will help you generate your special links. Those links are used to identify that this sales corresponds to you.

The commission made from each sale varies by product. However, Amazon does have some of the highest commission rates for top rated products and services.

The affiliate program’s tools are very easy to understand and use, even for beginners. Amazon also has one of the friendliest support to help you if you run into a problem or get confused. However, customer support does have a bad habit telling you one thing then turning around and telling you something different because they are just as confused as you are.

Even with that, the biggest problems you might run into with Amazon’s affiliate marketing service are:

– The amount of products to be reviewed are excessively numerous which can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Especially for beginners.

– The Terms Of Service (TOS) is one of the most confusing things to muddle through, and Amazon reserves the right to change their TOS without your knowledge and is under no obligation to update their customers, buyers, sellers, and affiliates when they do.

-Some niches may not be as fruitful as others. Choose your products, services, and niches wisely.

How to get approved into Amazon Affiliate program

Getting approved to be an Amazon Affiliate isn’t as easy as you may think. Follow those super important steps to minimize the risk of being rejected:

1) Make sure that your website is working perfectly.

2)Your content must be unique and links are relevant.

3)Do not include the price of the product in your review.

4)Do not use Amazon brand in your domain name.

5)Make it clear that you are an affiliate by placing an Amazon disclosure on your website.

2. Click Bank

Click Bank is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing programs out there. They have tens of thousands of sellers/vendors and more than one hundred thousand affiliates. Their commissions are as competitive as Amazon’s, possibly higher and payed on time through their system.

Click Bank is easy for pros and beginners to learn and earn from, depending on the selected niche. There is no need for a new affiliate to invest any money into Click Bank to get started. They place a fully integrated and accessible ecommerce platform on your page, website, or blog.

The main problems with Click Bank is that some niches, products and services are not a very good selection. You do not want to advertise something that your followers do not care about and would probably never click on let alone purchase.

2. Click Funnel

Click Funnel is another highly reputable platform that can work out well for pros and beginners. Their platform interface is one of the easiest to use. Their drag and drop system will help you to customize your continuous landing pages. You can even add in some automated emais (those are not drag and drop and can be slightly confusing). pop ups and opt ins, and sign up forms for your pages.

Click Funnels’ sales funnel is one of the best in the business to get people to become paying customers that can earn you a decent comission.

The biggest problem with ClickFunnels is it does not contain all the automated email marketing technology you would need to run a successful business. However they do provide enough to get you started and well on your way.

Learning to set up funnels can be difficult because of the URL changes, domains and subdomain changes.

There are no CRM tool, so any email and/or names of leads have to be rerouted through another tool.

ClickFunnels’ emal support is highly rated as friendly and helpful in case you become overly confused or need extra assistance.

Which Affiliate Platform is Better?

Amazon Affiliate, Click Bank and Click Funnel, are all wonderful places to start your venture into the world affiliate marketing. They all have pros and cons that are similar which makes choosing a better platform difficult.

The problems with every single one of these options are pretty much the same thing- the chosen niche. However, if you do some research about what you want to advertise based on your interests as well as your audience’s, deciding what to place on your website or blog should not be too hard

The best way to determine which one of the above affiliate marketing systems is by doing some thorough research and comparing the type of service they each offer. Either way, there is no real wrong answer when it comes to these four very reputable and highly recommended affiliate marketing platforms. All you really need to do is figure out the product, service, or niche you want to work in and decide what you want to advertise.

Remember to keep your audience in mind. They will be more likely to click on or purchase something that is related to your current content. Also, keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with. If your space is pretty limited, you would probably be better off going with an ecommerce form integration rather than a bunch of ads that would take up space and make your page look unprofessional, overcrowded, and confusing to your audience.





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