Google AdSense

Google Adsense is one of the most reputable advertising programs available. Their commission is based on pay for click from an ad placed on your website or blog.

With Adsense there is no need for landing pages, emails, opt-ins, or any extra email marketing tools because Google places the ad right into your already up and running website or blog. If you run a health and beauty website or blog, you would be better off placing ads that match your content. This increases your chances of earning commission via clicks.

Commissions are paid monthly after the click revenue reaches at least $100. This payout threshold is a good thing for an affiliate who likes the idea of saving up some money before cashing out. However, for others it may present a problem.

Adsense also allows their affiliates to block advertisers they find offensive or inappropriate for their viewers, followers, and/or patrons.

The main problems you may have with Google Adsense besides the $100 payout threshold are:

Having ads that can sometimes be very large rather than an integrated ecommerce system placed on your website or blog can significantly impact the amount of space you have available for other ads, posts or widgets.

However, Adsense does offer you the option to customize the ads and content you want to place on your website. You can even customize the layout and color so that the ad does not make your website or blog look overcrowded and confusing 

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