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How To Make A Professional Business Website

Building a professional business website is no where near as hard as it may seem. Creating a DIY professional business website on WordPress is very easy and a lot less expensive than paying an individual or company to do it for you.

You can purchase the WordPress business package for $25 per month (billed annually), and set it up the way you want to with very little effort. You can put in place all the pages you need as well as the kind of monetization you plan on utilizing.

Having a business website should be as simple and easy as building the site, promoting, marketing, and keeping your clients and customers satisfied. WordPress allows you to do this without a lot of added gimmicks. You create your own site, your way so you can focus on running your business rather than how professional your website looks.

Without a business website the mass majority of businesses today would flop rather than flourishing. The best thing about having a professional website is how quick and easy it is to grow your business and build your customer and client base. The truth is, the busiest place for the biggest markets and industries are all online. That is why it is so important for an entrepreneur or small business to go where most of the customers are- online.

Getting Your Business Website Off The Ground

WordPress is undeniably, the best place for a new business to get their start online. The price is inexpensive. The pages, widgets, sidebar, header, and footer sections are all very easy to set up and customize.

WordPress’ attention to detail is what makes them the go-to resource for website building. The WordPress Customize tool is one of the greatest features for setting up the website so that it works best for you as well as your clients and customers. The customizer allows you to set up each section of every page with the posts, widgets, buttons, links, information, Q&A, products, services, or anything else you may need to place on your website.

However, before making your website, it is a good idea to know what your niche should be. A business website is still just a website unless you have something to sell. 

First, do some research to find out what is in high demand and what you have an interest in marketing. It is important to know what people are actually buying and the kind of quality they expect and appreciate.

Once you figure out what you want to sell, go ahead and create your website so that it promotes your business concept in an appealing way. Your customers will highly appreciate the extra effort of making your website easy to navigate so they can find what they want without having to search for a long period of time.

For easy navigation, the main pages any business needs to set up first are:

  • About
  • Home
  • Privacy Policy
  • Term of use
  • Contact form.

It would probably not be a bad idea to have a subscribe button, a blog, or forum that is accessible for customers and clients. After the pages you need are ready, you will probably want to set up a page that is designated for your products, their prices, and any information that the customers or clients need to know about each product or service.

You may want to try using a design like Hestia, Ocean WP, Astra or a similar theme that is designed for business websites. The mentioned themes and designs keep your website readable, easier to navigate, and allow customization so that your website is more appealing to your customers and clients.

Another thing you will want to have set up is your business logo. A logo gives your business an identity of it’s own. This in itself gives the website a very professional feel and can help set you apart from the competition.

Setting up your logo is simple. You can either select from the logo library WordPress has already provided, or you can upload your own.

When choosing a logo, you should select an image that lends credible weight to your products and services. You will want something tasteful, appealing, and unique.

Logo example:

business logo, what is business logo, business logo for a website

Most businesses do keep an updated blog for their customers, clients, and guests to read and interact with the owner as well as other patrons. The recommended blog post size is roughly 1600 words (around 7 minutes worth of reading). Some blog posts may be shorter or longer for several different reasons.

It is a good rule of thumb to remember that every blog should pertain to your business in some way or another. Each post should also lend relevance and meaning. The same goes for the body of the blog post.

A blog post is no good to anyone if the only goal is to hit a specific word count. You will want posts that contain real research without ‘fluff’ writing. This means that every single sentence should add something new to the topic without using a lot of unnecessary fill in words. Therefore, a blog post should typically be about 1600 words, but those 1600 words should come together in a way that will keep your readers reading rather than closing the page.

As you are setting up your website with all of the features, offers, products, services, and pages, you will want to make certain that the finished set up is responsive. This means that the website should look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a full size computer screen.

All of the pages, clickable links, and functions should work and look correct as well. If your website is responsive and working on several different sized devices, your customers and clients will enjoy and appreciate the experience of shopping or working with you.

After you have everything set up, you will want to make sure that your website is searchable. This requires having domain hosting unique domain name that is not excessively long. You do not want customers to have to type in a long string of words that can easily be mistaken as something else.

Siteground is a great domain hosting service that works very well with WordPress business websites. They offer several levels of services that help you maintain a good presence on the internet. Siteground offers plenty of space to store your websites and data, as well as many other features that help keep your business in the public eye.

You will also want to market your website so that the people who want and need what you are offering or selling can connect with your business. The key to successful marketing is promoting your services in a way that influences the customer to come to your business by their own choice.

Keep your ads, fliers, emails, and newsletters kind, courteous, and to the point. Do not overdo it with a lot of words that are meaningless. This could turn potential customers away from your business, which defeats the purpose of marketing.

There are several ways to market your business that will help you reach your potential goals. Among the top marketing strategies, the best business kick-offs are social media sharing/campaigns, crowd marketing, and guest posting.

Social media sharing is one of the most obvious marketing resources. You will want to create an ad that looks good, clearly states what your business is, and why people need your services without making people feel pressured into purchasing anything.

When you post your ads to social media you should remember to be mindful of the website’s TOS. Some social media sites are not as ad friendly as others, which means you will want to limit the amount of posts and how large the posts are to their specifications.

Some social media sites may require you to create a specific page for advertising your business. Do some research, read the intended website’s TOS, and follow their guidelines.

Guest posting aka guest blogging is another great form of marketing that also requires a bit of research. With this particular type of marketing, you opt for space or write a post that pertains to your business. If the website or blog is interested, they will share your post or information on their website (sometimes for a small fee).

When choosing where to opt for space or what site to write a post for, do your homework. You will want to get your business’ name and information onto a website that is already highly reputable, and has a large amount of traffic. Once your post or ad is accepted, this will inevitably drive traffic to your business website. Even for a small fee, this is a win-win situation.

Crowd marketing is a very good way of marketing your business and requires very little legwork from you. The small promotions are run at the same time and endorsed by people and businesses that already have a highly respected name, business, or brand of their own.

Crowd marketing is the equivalent of having an expert or celebrity opinion that promotes your business, services, or products through their own channels. You will want to do some serious research for this kind of marketing so that you stay within your own niche. The endorser and the new business being endorsed should fit at the most basic level.

For example: A diaper company endorsing a company that sells custom engine parts will do neither of those companies any good. A company selling a new kind of baby wipes would do well to be endorsed by a diaper company. A tire manufacturer would be a good endorser for custom engine parts. (Stay within your niche.)

Business Website Advantages

When all is said and done, having a business website gives any company or entrepreneur a visible edge against the competition on the internet.

Having a business website is a marketing tool of it’s own. After you have gone through the motions of setting up your website, sorted through the website names suggestions, then begun marketing and promoting your products and services, your business should have a nice presence on several different search engines.

Although there are a lot of things involved in maintaining a business, having a business website should not be difficult or expensive. While there are literally dozens of different website builders available, WordPress is the best there is out there simply because of the features they offer and the low cost.


  • Choose the name of your website so that is reflects what your business is about (you can also seek outside sources for some great website name suggestions).
  • Choose your products and niche wisely. Pay close attention to what people are actually looking for and what they are actually buying (these things are not always one and the same).
  • Build your website (WordPress Business is the best option for new businesses) so that it is appealing, responsive, and designed for a great customer experience. The goal is to keep customers coming back, not to be just a one time stop and shop.
  • Use several methods of promoting and marketing so that your business has a good presence on the internet as well as getting the information about your business to the people who are actually interested in what you provide or sell.
  • Try to add a forum, a blog, or both so that you can interact on a more personal level with your customers and clients. Try to keep posts at around 1600 words, but do not rely solely on word count. The quality of the content in the blog post is far more important than the quantity of words. Make each word and sentence count every single time.

With all of these key ideas your new business should be off to a great start. Following these simple guidelines will help you get started and maintain your business so that it flourishes amongst the vast competition already on the internet.

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