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Importance of Web-Hosting for a Business

There is more to running a successful business than paperwork, planning, working, designing, inventory, and any other number crunching task that most entrepreneurs deal with on a daily basis.
Have a professional website with professional grade web-hosting is also an essential step. This not only gives the owner(s) that extra feel of being a success, but gives patrons, clients and customers the same feeling of security and professionalism.

What is web hosting and why would it matter if a business has it or not?

Web-hosting is literally a business or individual that provides storage space on the internet for a website to operate on a dot com, dot org, and so on. It is a storage where you can save vital information full of pictures, videos, website widgets, downloadable and non-downloadable content, background programs, business information, locations, security features, and even some internal programs that help companies utilize online monetization.

In a nutshell, any entrepreneur, business, company or individual working for themselves needs a website as well as a great web-hosting service. Having a website that allows a business to expand and grow beyond their local community. It gives the business a better chance at staying a step ahead of the game. Without a web-hosting service, any website will fall flat in the global visibility, internet security, promotional, advertising, and numerous other areas of business.
The right web-hosting service should provide adequate space for the most popular website builders (like WordPress, Wix, 123Sites, and etc.). It should also come up with great speed, visibility, security and keep all their features at an affordable price. The basic hosting features that any business would need are readily available through either of these services. The global visibility, traffic variables, bandwidth sizes and storage space for individual areas are more than enough to keep a business going and growing. 

No one wants to worry that their information is unsecured, especially when dealing with online business. No one wants the website to slow down, crash out, or buffer for extended periods of time, either. People want to know their information is protected and will not get lost in a website glitch that can possibly charge their credit cards more than once or send their information to the wrong system or servers.

All businesses want the added exposure of having a URL domain that is easily accessible from anywhere across the globe. Having the extra bandwidth, CPU’s, and storage space as well as a domain that ends in the most commonly used suffixes will give businesses and their websites better visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and etc. What business can afford to not have that kind of exposure?

Chosing the right platform

Of course, having a web-hosting service does a business absolutely no good unless they have already set up a website. There are way too many website building platforms to list here (although a couple have already been named). However, the best website building platform to use is WordPress.
WordPress has several levels of service that have more than enough features to get a website up and running with minimal time, trouble and money involved. WordPress does have a free version that is quick and easy to set up. However, a business or entrepreneur would be much better off going with one of the Pro plans for monetization.
The most basic Pro plan on WordPress is only $108 per year and has all the right features for a simple business for freelancing to a complex company with several layers that need individual pages. For businesses that have not already set up a website, it is highly recommended that this step is done first. If you are uncertain of how to set up a website, you can follow our step by step guide to get that essential part completed.

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